Walks, bike rides, skiing

Those who are tired from the city rush may find some peace in longer walks through the forest or hiking to one of the most unique and energetic places in Latvia – the source of 80 springs or castle mound of Mazsālijas. The area is full of wonderful views, and the charm of Courland here may be found on every step regardless of the season.

When walking or riding a bike through the nature trails, you can meet the local residents: deer, wild boars Hansel and Gretel, or guests from the bird and animal world like black storks and others.

In the summers you may enjoy the beautiful scenery of the guesthouse by taking bike, boat, or catamaran rides, while in the winter you can enjoy the snow covered fields, forests, and tree-tops on ski trips. If you don’t have your own equipment, we will help you to rent one.

Work Therapy

The ones tired of the city rush and dust may set their minds free from troubles and worries and find connection with nature by enjoying an interesting type of meditation and taking part in physical work activities:

  • Garden works (weeding, seeding, fruit and berry picking),
  • Potato harvest,
  • Landscaping (lawn mowing, raking of leaves, cleaning of deer paddock),
  • The big cleanup of fish ponds.

We create individual work therapy programs which will easily allow you to forget the daily stress. The work therapies are available to adults only.

Picking Mushrooms and Berries

Nothing can top your own picked berries, wild strawberries stringed on a grass stem, violet fingertips from picking blueberries, and freshness of your own picked raspberries. Forests surrounding Mazsālijas are rich in berry fields and special mushroom spots. The gourmands are always welcome to enjoy currants and black currants from our own garden.

Sauna Rituals

You will regain comfort to your body and soul by enjoying Latvian sauna rituals under guidance of a professional master, drinking special teas and refreshing in waterfall shower.

Fishing and Hunting

You will get your big catch at the ponds of Mazsālijas. They are occupied by carps, trout, perches, pikes, tenches, crucian carps, and even crayfish. Besides, hostesses will be glad to turn your catch into delicious meals. Meanwhile the excitement of hunting may be enjoyed in well-maintained hunting area.

Tours with Wine Tasting

The traditional tours around Mazsālijas – visitation of deer garden and wild boars, as well as hiking through forest trails may be topped with tasting of homemade wine and other countryside goods. The tasty homemade wines and other souvenirs are also offered for purchase.

Together with friends or colleagues you can learn how to make candles or prepare a delicious cake or another meal according to recipes kept by the guesthouse hostesses for generations.

Tours for Children

Mazsālijas also offer entertainment to the smallest guests – lead by the Little Hedgehog (Ežuks Žuks) children may play seasonal games, do orienteering and solve mind quizzes, as well as to take part in a creative workshops and cooking classes.

More about Tours for Children here.

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